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What can I do for you?

These are some of the services I can offer as a mobile mechanic. 

Power steering pump whining? Battery about to give out? Did an alternator issue in the Walmart parking lot leave your car high and dry? Let's get you back on the road.

Small things can cause big issues. Let's keep you safe.

If you're due for an oil change, spark plugs, timing belt, or a new set of brakes, I'll let you know based on your car's mileage, and we can schedule in advance.

Does it seem like the shop was going to recommend or charge too much for maintenance and repairs? Let me take a look.

Have you ever wanted a mechanic to come with you when you're shopping for used cars, or check out a Craig's List Special before you fork over the cash? 


Mobile mechanics have limits that shops don't. There are some services I am not able to offer, and vehicles I'm unable to work on. Here are some examples:

 - Roadside assistance (all services must be scheduled in advance, and cannot occur along major roads)



-Engine replacement

-A few more (contact me if you have questions)

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